Classes at DanceWorks

Danceworks offers classes in Ballet, Street jazz, tap and Modern.
Pre- school dance is available for children 3-5 years.
Classes at Danceworks do not have a wide age range, Children’s classes are practically taylored at particular age and ability.
classes run Monday to Friday during school term time, from 4pm on wards.

Pre-School dance is a fun class introducing children to dance using their own imagination. Classes develop children’s’ co ordination, listening skills but more importantly their own self confidence.

Street Jazz
Is split into two levels. Junior street Jazz aged 9-11 years (depending on ability)
Senior Street Jazz aged 12 – 18 years. Both classes are a non exam class that focus on the urban street styles of dance that will often be seen on the latest music videos. Total beginners are welcome to come and have ago even if they are in the upper age range.

Tap is available from age 6. And is combined with the modern classes

Follows the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus. Childrens classes are practically levelled at particular age and ability.

Exams Examining Board
Ballet Royal Academy of Teachers of Dancing
Modern Imperial Society of teachers of dancing
Tap Imperial Society of teachers of dancing

Exams can be taken in botth ballet , tap and modern. Children must attend extra exam coaching classes when working for an exam.